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Quick and dirty revision back to the old frontpage to turn off the tumblr redirect. I'll clean this up soon.

Ok actually you know what I realized it's going to be A LOT of work to rebuild the tumblr pages here so I'll probably hold off on deleting it for now...

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March 14th 2015
Happy PI day! No this isn't really an update. My next game, Bullet Phaze, is almost done though so hopefully it'll be out soon!

In the meantime, I should probably plug the podcast I've been doing for the last half a year. It has a website now!


February 2nd 2014
Made some various tweaks around the site to streamline things a bit. I also added two "new" parody games.


Fat Kakashi's Extreme Coin Flipping Sim 2012

Featured Games

April 1st 2010
Happy April Fools day! This year I made two mini games for Cocks Make People Sexy so go check that site out, but if you're super lazy you can play them here:

Cock Block

Kock Kombat

Oh and there is also this thing, I wonder what it is...


January 7th 2010
Happy new year! I updated the movies page with a spiffy new layout, as well as threw some new stuff into the miscellaneous movies section.

December 21st 2009
i vs pi 163

August 22nd 2009
A new mini game to waste some time with - Xalaxer

July 27th - August 7th 2009
i vs pi - Endless Seven

July 8th 2009
Another quickie. D-Mac did the voice because he's awesome. Still slowly working on Hunters which is about half done now... expect it in a year!

Michael Jackson News Network

July 1st 2009
I spent like a whole hour on this!

Sonic the Hedgehog Tribute

The Reviews

June 1st 2009
SNES week!

May 16th 2009
After posting financials for the fiscal year 2008, i productions is announcing its closuring after their profits failed to meet expectations. In the year they made approximately 12 cents on flash portal ads, while at the same time losing 12 million dollars in funding and advertising money.

This leaves their flagship game "Hunters" in limbo, which is of great distress to the fans, as the game has been in production for about a year and a half. Which is a really goddamn long time for a flash game.

SMPS Studios is claiming they still own exclusive publishing rights to the game, and vows it will get finished with a new staff if, according to company president Polly S. Hate, "Rhete would stop being a faggot and just send me the fla so I could add in a fart gun"

The studio developing the previously announced Project Inthri Trilogy remains unaffected by these events, and is continuing work as planned.

May 1st 2009
i vs pi 162

April 1st 2009
In a joint venture with, we present Socks-Mart a new online store where you can buy lots of i related products, like many of my flash movies on DVD! So go check it out!

January 17th 2009
Project Inthri 3 was released 1 year ago today, in celebration, today I have two, that's right, two new parody movies! Hooray!

First up is FX Hates Inside Jokes. This is a sort of sequel to Project Inthri Trilogy so if you haven't, watch that one first.

Second up is Project Inthri 64. This won't make a drop of sense if you haven't played the game yet, so if you haven't uhh, what are you waiting for?

In other news, I am working on a new game, but it's taking a very long time, sorry! Should be done in about a year!

October 24th 2008
A little known fact is that Astra Luchia Earth (misspelled Lucia in game) is a playable character in Contra 4!

Check it out!

September 19th 2008
The Adventures of Pat and i vs PI and Polly

Shiver me timbers, it's talk like a pirate day!

August 31st 2008
i vs pi 161

This is a rather long one, based off two seperate ideas that worked a bit too well together. Viewer discretion advised. Rated R for... just about every reason a movie could be rated R

August 15th 2008
I have no new flash movies to update with, so here are some random things to keep you busy!

The Summer of Shooters - One of my most insane projects yet, reviews and videos for every single shoot em up on the Sega Genesis

Ether also tried reviewing some games...

Project Inthri 3 HD - Just a demo of a failed collaboration. Artwork by JohnnyUtah

And finally... the moment you've all been waiting for...

I updated the quotes page

That's all for now, maybe I'll have some new i vs pi soon, who knows!

July 21st 2008
Project Inthri Trilogy

You can all blame Polly for giving me the idea

May 26th 2008
i vs pi 160

May 17th 2008
Originally released in April 2001, Naked With Apes was my first really huge flash endeavor. However, 7 years later, flash has evolved a bit, and if you'ved tried to watch the series lately, you may have noticed that the voices are all a bit off and there is a lot of delay in the timing.

So I decided to finally update the series, complete with new sound effects, a fixed up audio department, a few short new scenes, and oh yeah, while I was at it, I crammed the entire 11 day saga into one 6.7 meg file.

If you haven't watched this series, now is the time to! Just keep in mind that its over 30 minutes long, so go get some popcorn and a drink first!

Small - Original Size
Medium - Good for 800x600 res
Large - For 1024 res or higher

Update: Fixed Desync in day 5 and added more outtakes.

May 5th 2008
Updated the miscellaneous movies section with some new stuff

Carina Dressup
This was originally going to be the preloader game for Hunters episode 2. I found it a few days ago and decided to finish it up

What I think of The Good, The Bad, and The Queen
Don't forget: Musical Opinions = Serious Business

Linkin Park Came to my House
A parody of this so now you can't complain it makes no sense or is retarded. Well actually, it's still both of those, but at least you'll understand the reference

April 10th 2008
Holy freaking crap? What is this? A new layout? Yes after many many years (since January 2001 even) I've decided to update my layout a tad. Hope everyone likes it.

So I haven't been making a lot of stuff for my site lately, but I have been writing for another site, so enjoy some links with old content!

Ethers April Fools Day website - Complete with anime reviews, comics, and a new game
My top 10 worst games of all time
The Golden Compass - Movie Review
10,000 BC - Movie Review

February 15th 2008
i vs pi 159

October 31st 2007
i vs pi 158
Happy Halloween! Have some jokes you wont understand!

September 26th 2007
i vs pi 157
Shit, I'm a day late

September 20th 2007
And now for something completely different


This is the "sequel" of sorts to type em up. It's a typing game, but in japanese. Different characters come at you, and you have to type the corresponding romaji to defeat them

August 9th 2007
Edina: Chapter 1

New series. This first part is kind of short, but hopefully I'll be update on a more semi-regular schedule from now on.

i vs pi 156
Happy Rena day!

June 5th 2007
i vs pi 155

May 2nd 2007
The George

A new i vs pi fanmovie by Sarah

April 28th 2007
i vs pi 154

Holy crap, two updates in the same month!

April 14th 2007
Conqueror of Gensokyo

Note: This isn't going to make sense to anyone

January 22nd 2007
The Truth Is

Wow, I haven't updated in a while. I'm working on a few projects right now, I don't know when they'll be done though